Toshiro takahashi

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Toshiro takahashi

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Concertino for Xylophone / Toshiro Mayuzumi

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Mika Mifune, rocker husband Joji Takahashi to divorce

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Analytics cookies We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.Toshiro Tango, PhD. Selected Publications: Tango T. A space-time scan statistic for detecting emerging outbreaks. Biometrics In press.

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Nishikawa M, Tango T. Ohtaki M. Statistical tests based on new composite hypotheses in clinical trials reflecting the relative clinical importance of multiple endpoints quantitatively. Biometrical Journal ; Tango T. Sample size formula for randomized controlled trials with counts of recurrent events. Statistics and Probability Letters.

Hasegawa T, Tango T. Permutation test following covariate-adaptive randomization in randomized controlled trials. Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics; A spatial scan statistic with a restricted likelihood ratio. Japanese Journal of Biometrics ; Cross-sectional community survey of menopause symptoms among Japanese women. Maturitas; A flexibly shaped space-time scan statistic for disease outbreak detection and monitoring.

International Journal of Health Geographics ; Spatial clusters of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease mortality in Japan between and Neuroepidemiology ; A class of multiplicity-adjusted tests for spatial clustering based on case-control point data, Biometrics; Pathology International; Takahashi K and Tango T.

An extended power of cluster detection tests. Statistics in Medicine ; Non-Parametric inference of adverse events under informative censoring. Statistics in Medicine; Nishikawa M and Tango T. Letter to the editor - "Testing treatment effects in the presence of competing risks. An ecological study on the association of public dental health activities and sociodemographic characteristics with caries prevalence in Japanese 3-year-old children.

Caries Research; Linear equations with random variables. Statistics in Medicine. Yamaoka K and Tango T.Help the Samurai Archives alexisRed v1. Register :: Log in :: Profile. Log in to check your private messages.

toshiro takahashi

Toshiro Mifune - The Lowly Ronin. View previous topic :: View next topic. The wandering ronin is reminiscent of his most famous role as the samurai without a name in Kurosawa's "Yojimbo" and "Sanjuro". He travels about Japan, and while he may seek happiness, violence and tragedy always cross his path. This time it is a woman carrying a young infant who he encounters on the road that leads him into a tale of violence, intrigue and a village in uproar.

A great story and cool action scenes, a movie not to be missed! Re-mastered from a new superior print, with removable subtitles. Back to top. Dennis wrote:. Wave Tossed wrote:. But I like how Mifune plays the character in each series.

It's a subtle portrayal, with little details that intrigue me. The worst Mifune movie I ever saw was this one with some American guy in it from the 80's or something. All I remember is Toshiro fighting with a sword in modern times with the white guy running around with an uzi or something.

It was pretty bad. I'll see if I can find a name. Toshiro Mifune as an inuit, lame. That was the movie about the Samurai who fell into a snow drift and got frozen for years, got found, brought to NY and thawed out.

That wasn't Mifune, but it was a horrible movie. I actually saw it while I was living in Japan.Toshirou Takahashi has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. Passive-Matrix Light Emitting Device. Publication number: Abstract: A light emitting device, including a substrate, and multiple drive electrodes formed on the substrate and used to obtain desired light emission, the multiple drive electrode forming a passive-matrix-driven electrode arrangement, wherein at least one drive electrode in a display region of the substrate forms an angle, that is neither parallel nor perpendicular to a given side of the display region.

Type: Application. Filed: March 31, Publication date: December 13, Applicant: Fuji Photo Film. Audible floor call recording method and braille information notification device. Patent number: Abstract: A method for inputting a voice message recording for a particular floor served by an elevator car includes the steps of sensing elevator car positions 21sensing that a selected car operating panel button has been held down 22 and enabling a voice input process A device for displaying Braille information to an elevator user includes an elongated panel 42 having a central Braille character panel 31 and two buttons 32, 33 disposed at opposite ends of the elongated panel for causing the displayed information to move backward and forward.

A plurality of actuators 38and probes 35 extruding through the Braille panel form Braille characters. Type: Grant. Filed: February 28, Date of Patent: February 24, Assignee: Otis Elevator Company.

Abstract: A method for imputing a voice message recording for a particular floor served by an elevator car includes the steps of sensing elevator car positions 21sensing that a selected car operating panel button has been held down 22 and enabling a voice input process Publication date: September 5, Applicant: Otis Elevator Company.

Silver halide photographic light-sensitive materials. Abstract: A silver halide photographic light-sensitive material is described comprising a layer containing a coupler compound represented by formula I A--B I wherein A represents a residue of a compound capable of undergoing a coupling reaction with an oxidation product of an aromatic primary amine developing agent, by the removal of one hydrogen atom from the active position of said compound, and B represents a group which is released by the coupling reaction and exhibits a development accelerating function.

Filed: March 15, Date of Patent: June 28, Assignee: Fuji Photo Film Co. Justia Legal Resources.

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Find a Lawyer. Law Students. US Federal Law. US State Law. Other Databases. Legal Marketing.Takahashi first met Mifune when she was 13 years old and married her on her 16th birthday, the legal age for marriage, attracting massive media attention.

When we were dating, we always went out together with my mother. Of course, there was a big gap between my ideal of an adult woman and myself at that age. Theyt often appeared on TV shows together. However, in recent years, things started to go sour. Even if Mifune was out at business-related events, she had to be home by a certain time. On the other hand, Takahashi would hang out with his friends until the next morning, leaving his wife at home.

Sports Nippon reported that Mifune and her daughter moved out of their Tokyo apartment in December and have been staying with her mother in Osaka. Open an account and manage your finances anytime, anywhere. No branch visits required and ZERO account maintenance fee! The first fair for internationals in Japan! Explore various kinds of booths to find English-friendly services.

So they married when he was 40 and she was 16? Creepy, creepy, creepy. And as for his weird and possesive behaviour towards the end of their marriage, I can only assume that he was becoming a grumpy old git. Best of luck to both of them, but especially to Mifune now that she is approaching the best years of her life. I wish her all the best. She is my favorite celebrity in Japan. She has the right to be happy. He's getting old and insecure, and she is still young and gorgeous, and sweet.

Alistair Carnell at Jan. Even better yet Tessa Did he wait until the 16th birthday since? Straight people could be creepy to gays.Toshiro Takahashi has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. Publication number: Abstract: A hydrocarbon recovery method for recovering a production fluid containing hydrocarbons from a production well provided in the seabed in which microorganisms that produce carbon dioxide or sulfate ions for promoting a deposition of calcium carbonate exist, the method includes: an injecting process of injecting, into the production well, a composition used for producing carbon dioxide or sulfate ions by the microorganisms; a decompressing process of decompressing an inside of the production well after the composition is injected; and a recovering process of recovering the hydrocarbons in a state in which the inside of the production well is decompressed.

Mika Mifune, rocker husband Joji Takahashi to divorce

Type: Application. Filed: December 20, Publication date: April 23, Rotation speed detection device. Patent number: Abstract: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a rotation speed detection device which achieves improved detection accuracy regardless of a compressor and the operating state of the compressor, and enables the prevention of the breakage of a detection unit. A rotation speed detection device for a compressor, wherein a detection unit for detecting full blades and splitter blades that are blades approaching a compressor casing of the compressor in response to a change in the inductance of a magnetic field is provided.

The detection unit is provided in an overlap region in which the full blades and the splitter blades that are all blades can be detected and the exposure pressure is in the range of a gauge pressure of one atmosphere or less.

Type: Grant. Filed: July 29, Date of Patent: March 17, Method and apparatus for nucleic acid analysis. Abstract: A convenient method for nucleic acid analysis is provided, which enables or more types of nucleic acid to be analyzed collectively with high comprehensiveness and with a dynamic range of at least four digits. In particular, provided is a very effective analytical method especially for untranslated RNAs and microRNAs, of which the types of target nucleic acids is or lower.

Nucleic acids can be analyzed conveniently and rapidly with high comprehensiveness and quantitative performance at single-molecule sensitivity and resolution by following the steps of: preparing a group of target nucleic acid fragments one molecule at a time and hybridizing the nucleic acid molecules, which have known base sequences and have been labeled with the fluorescence substances, with the group of the target nucleic acid fragments to detect the fluorescence substances labeling the hybridized nucleic acid molecules.

Filed: May 16, Date of Patent: May 21, Assignee: Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation. Method for producing light-emitting display device, light-emitting display device and light-emitting display. Abstract: A method for producing a light-emitting display device, the method including forming a film of a light-transmissive resin material on a substrate over which a reflective metal and a semi-transparent member can be disposed in at least one of a plurality of pixel regions corresponding to red, green and blue; curing part of the film of the light-transmissive resin material to form a light-transmissive resin layer, the part being in a region including the at least one pixel region; and developing the light-transmissive resin layer after the curing to form an optical path length-adjusting layer.

Filed: February 4, Date of Patent: November 20, Inventors: Satoshi Aiba, Toshiro Takahashi.From Saint Maud to The Wicker Man here are some British horror movies that are certain to keep you looking over your shoulder for weeks to come. See the full gallery. Title: The Last Gunfight Japanese police detective Saburo Fujioka is suspected of corruption, demoted, and sent to the city of Kojin.

toshiro takahashi

Kojin is the scene of fierce fighting between rival gangs. Fujioka is assigned to investigate the death of the wife of gangster Tetsuo Maruyama of the Kozuka gang, probably at the hands of one of the Oka gang. During a gang gunfight, Maruyama is rescued by Detective Fujioka and the two become friends. But Maruyama insists on avenging his wife's murder, even if it means conflict with his new friend.

I am a big Japanese Yakuza films lover, although not being a great specialist.

Sungrow container

I only love this kind of features. This film would have pleased to Jean-Pierre Melville. I mean the scheme: a manhood friendship between a cop and a gangster, played here by Tsuruta Koji. But, of course, Melville would have made such a movie in a different way, without humor touch, I mean. I am also surprised that such an early sixties film was shot in color.

I have always been fond of Tsuruta. Here,his character is very interesting. But this crime film is definitely not a pure Yakuza one, although you have gangsters. Actually, it looks like a western topic set in a modern Japanese crime feature atmosphere.

toshiro takahashi

The untouchable vet cop - or sheriff - and the good gangster - outlaw - seeking revenge for the murder of his wife. You'll also here a film noir influence, with night clubs and cabaret songs sequences. And a brutal shooting scene takes place in a western scenery bar. So, to summarize, a predictable movie, but not so much if you compare to many other Japanese films from this period. Looking for some great streaming picks?

Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Visit our What to Watch page.

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